The Wargames Orchard

Fanning the Flame

Join GJ as he takes a deep-dive into the lore and evolution of the most useless - er - most noble of all the High Elves, the Phoenix Guard. From the fearsomely silly reason for causing fear to the actual Phoenixes of 8th edition - that don't really need guarding - to the special and not-so-special Phoenix Guard characters, this episode will tell you all the things the Phoenix Guard themselves won't. 

Big Tough Warhammer Questions

It's time to choose! This week Nathan is put through the wringer as he's got to make tough choices between some of his favourite Warhammer factions, gods, vampires, and more. You can play along at home, but make sure you don't get any of these totally subjective questions wrong!

Campaigns of Legend Part 5: The Treasured Elven Pastime of Fratricide!

In this finale of our look at the legendary boxed campaigns of 5th Edition Warhammer Fantasy, GJ takes you to Ulthuan to share a story about two brothers who want nothing more than to murder each other. 

The High Elves and Dark Elves clash in a tale of treachery, violence, and envy that tears a noble family apart. Or as the Elves of Warhammer would call it: A normal Tuesday.


You got your Lord of The Rings all over my Warhammer!

Apparently people who love Warhammer Fantasy also love Lord of the Rings! Who would have guessed that? Nathan and GJ sure love them both, and on this episode they talk about the good and bad of the LoTR influence on Warhammer, what things they might steal from LoTR to add to Warhammer, and which of the settings is their favourite. Join us for a two legendary Fantasy settings, all in one podcast!

Also Nathan forgot his adapter at work and had to use his MacBook microphone. Sorry if he sounds a little odd. 

Bonus Episode: Paint & Chat with GJ

Join GJ for an evening paint session In this experimental bonus episode. Settle in and paint some models of your own while GJ talks you through his High Elf project and whatever else comes to mind!

Apologies for the audio on this episode, there were some issues with the recording. Please imagine that GJ is talking to you from inside a deep sea submarine and it'll sound just right!

Marvellous Mummy Magics!

Gather round young Liches, Grand Hierophant GJ is here to relate the great history of Tomb King Magic from 4th Edition all the way up to the End Times. It's time to unearth a few of Warhammer Fantasy's lesser known magical lores.  Chart the great magics of the undying dynasties, Starting with their time as part of the unified Undead, then as a fully formed faction, and then back to part of the reunified Undead because time is a flat circle.

Campaigns of Legend Part 4: The Fast and The Chivalrous

Get ready for a Perilous Quest as GJ takes you on a tour of this gallant Warhammer Fantasy campaign. Get ready for tournaments, sneaky elves, and a lot of chivalry. Seriously, a lot of chivalry. You've been warned. it's not our fault if you get caught up in the story and immediately ride off on a quest for the grail. Don't put that on us. (Unless you find it, in which case remember who inspired you!)

Anyway, enjoy Perilous Quest, Starring Bretonnians, Wood Elves, and a magic cup!

Sauron VS Nagash, Dressing Up As Mummies, & Beastmen Artillery.

Nathan and GJ are back together this week to bring you serious Warhammer talk. Would Sauron survive the Warhammer World? Is Athel Loren scarier than the Chaos Wastes? Can you wrap yourself in toilet paper and call it a Settra cosplay? These questions and more answered in this enlightening episode! 

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Warhammer: Kings of War

We start off this week's episode talking about some changes coming to the Wargames Orchard. Then it's on to a Review of Kings Of War, the game of fantasy battles. Hmm, that last bit sounds a bit familiar... How does Kings of War feel to a life long Warhammer Fantasy player? Tune in to find out!

Campaigns of Legend Part 3: Circle Of Blood

The Red Duke has risen, and with him come a legion of the restless dead! Only the brave knights of Bretonnia can hope to challenge this wicked vampire and return peace to the land.

GJ's back to break down Circle of Blood. One of the wonderful boxed campaigns from 5th edition. Learn all about the scenarios and lore as the Vampiric Red Duke and his undead servants cause mayhem in land of chivalry. 

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