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New Warhammer Fantasy / Old World Releases (Sort Of)

There's a slew of new stuff from Games Workshop, so Nathan and GJ are pretty sure it can all work for Warhammer Fantasy. Join us for a breakdown of the new models and Battleforces that Fantasy fans can use to bolster their forces. Also GJ has an fun announcement for our Patreon members!

Old World Grumblings and Man O’ War

It's the return of Nathan, we don't remember him, but he insists he used to host this show. This week we catch up on some hobby talk, including Army Painter's Speed Paints. Then that Nathan guy gets grumpy about the last Old World update, finally we finish with Man O' War!


Like a brass bull in a china shop

Join GJ as he delves (or gores, or gauges, or slashes) deeply into the history of the mighty Minotaurs, both in Warhammer Fantasy and the original iteration hidden away below the palace of king Minos on Crete. Is there truth to the legend? We sure hope so! But not so much if the Minotaurs take on the Bloodgreed trait. Because in Old World, beef eat you.


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Who’s a good boy…?

Happy Halloween! Or not, if you happen to run into a 3rd edition intelligent Dire Wolf. Fortunately they are rare and disappear when the sun comes up. Not so the later iterations, which are very much no longer dead anymore and may or may not hit harder or more often on the charge. If you want to cuddle with your own Dire Wolf pack, all you need to do is become a Vampire and summon them. Or raise them. But only if you're a Von Carstein Vamp. Or not. Who'd have thought the unlife of a Dire Wolf was so confusing...? 

Border Princes Bash

Join GJ on a paint ramble - although this one is a lot more structured than the last one! Topic of discussion is the scenarios for the upcoming 5th edition campaign on the first ever Dutch Oldhammer Con this weekend. Prepare for drunken Giants, wild magicks, and Skink-infested jungles. All of this in order to (randomly) decide who goes home with the main prize: the Tankard of Tastiness!

Swing low, sweet skeleton chariot

Ladies and gentlemen, Goblins of all ages, we finally have some Old World news. Well, Old World concept art. But one of those is a lovely Tomb Kings chariot which inspired GJ to take a deep dive into the chariots of the Undead and Tomb Kings, whether they are made of bone, wood, or reanimated manticores. So grease your axles, harness your skeletal horses and sharpen your scythes: The Tomb Kings ride to war!

Hopping around the Realm of Chaos

Are you ready to dip your toes, or hooves, which may or may not turn into kangaroo legs, into the Realm of Chaos? As if organizing and participating in a painting challenge isn't enough, GJ wants to model up a Beastman hero with a bunch of random gifts and attributes taken straight out of the beloved third edition books. Because we need to do something to pass the time, waiting for Old World news, don't we...?

Looks like manflesh is back on the menu

They are the biggest, the best, the brawliest and the most well-traveled Ogres: Maneaters! Join GJ as he looks at the Ogre Maneaters in all their various (ahem) iterations, as well as the long and rich history of Mr. Maneater himself: Golgfag. Or Golfag, depending on... reasons, maybe? Empty your purses for this episode, because these Ogres will fight for the right price. Or the right kind of food. Ah, who am I kidding? Any kind of food. Dig in!

King Arthur and the Knights of… Bretonnia?

This week we take a look at the stories, histories, myths and legends on which everyone's favourite noble nation of Knights is based. Much of the general aspects of Bretonnia are derived from the legends of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Some parts of these legends have been ported over into the world of Warhammer, though oftentimes, with a twist. Join GJ on this deep dive into Arthurian legend. Take out your copy of the Bretonnian Army Book and Thomas Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur (The Death of Arthur). Spoiler warning: Arthur dies. Or does he...?

Episode 100: A Dark Omen

We made it to one hundred episodes! That seems like a lot. To celebrate the accomplishment, Nathan and GJ get together and wax nostalgically about one of the greatest Warhammer video games of all time: Dark Omen. It's a wonderfully realized journey into the Old World with the Grudgebringer mercenary company as they (yet again) save the Empire whilst turning a tidy profit. 

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