The Wargames Orchard

Marvellous Mummy Magics!

Gather round young Liches, Grand Hierophant GJ is here to relate the great history of Tomb King Magic from 4th Edition all the way up to the End Times. It's time to unearth a few of Warhammer Fantasy's lesser known magical lores.  Chart the great magics of the undying dynasties, Starting with their time as part of the unified Undead, then as a fully formed faction, and then back to part of the reunified Undead because time is a flat circle.

Campaigns of Legend Part 4: The Fast and The Chivalrous

Get ready for a Perilous Quest as GJ takes you on a tour of this gallant Warhammer Fantasy campaign. Get ready for tournaments, sneaky elves, and a lot of chivalry. Seriously, a lot of chivalry. You've been warned. it's not our fault if you get caught up in the story and immediately ride off on a quest for the grail. Don't put that on us. (Unless you find it, in which case remember who inspired you!)

Anyway, enjoy Perilous Quest, Starring Bretonnians, Wood Elves, and a magic cup!

Sauron VS Nagash, Dressing Up As Mummies, & Beastmen Artillery.

Nathan and GJ are back together this week to bring you serious Warhammer talk. Would Sauron survive the Warhammer World? Is Athel Loren scarier than the Chaos Wastes? Can you wrap yourself in toilet paper and call it a Settra cosplay? These questions and more answered in this enlightening episode! 

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Warhammer: Kings of War

We start off this week's episode talking about some changes coming to the Wargames Orchard. Then it's on to a Review of Kings Of War, the game of fantasy battles. Hmm, that last bit sounds a bit familiar... How does Kings of War feel to a life long Warhammer Fantasy player? Tune in to find out!

Campaigns of Legend Part 3: Circle Of Blood

The Red Duke has risen, and with him come a legion of the restless dead! Only the brave knights of Bretonnia can hope to challenge this wicked vampire and return peace to the land.

GJ's back to break down Circle of Blood. One of the wonderful boxed campaigns from 5th edition. Learn all about the scenarios and lore as the Vampiric Red Duke and his undead servants cause mayhem in land of chivalry. 

Scourge of the Drakwald

Beastlord Khazrak may only have one eye, but that doesn't stop him from raising War-hounds, and raising hell. With a magic whip and a hoard of beasts at his back, he'll take back the Drakwald for the true children of chaos!

Join us as we look at Khazrak One Eye from 5th-7th edition.

Can we see the future of Warhammer: The Old World by looking at the new Horus Heresy releases?

What can the new Horus Heresy release tell us about GW's approach to Warhammer? Nathan think's there's good and bad omens afoot in GW's latest game revamp. Plus join us for two stories about servants of the Chaos gods as they get up to mischief and mayhem!

Campaigns of Legend Part 2: Does that rock look like an Orc to you?

We've always liked Gork! He's big, mean, and green, and that's everything you could ask from an Orc God! You could maybe say that we idolize him...

GJ is back with another deep dive into the glorious boxed campaigns of Warhammer Fantasy! This week it's Idol of Gork, where the forces of the Empire clash with the Orcs and Goblins!

Play It Forward!

When editions change in Warhammer, some units are sadly left behind. We say no more! In this episode we update some lost units from 3rd-5th edition to fit in with the later eras of Warhammer Fantasy. It's time to bring back our Mummies, Whelp Masters, and Sneaky Gits!

Wings Of Fury: The History Of Warhawk Riders

Nathan's recently discovered how much he likes birds! In light of this important news, we now bring you the History of Wood Elf Warhawk Riders! From their odd spiritual predecessors in 3rd, all the way to their armour piercing, killing blow glory days of 8th. We look at a unit that was markedly unique in every era of Warhammer! 

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